Workshop on Mechatronic design

The new stage of the traveling workshop “Mechatronics explained by companies: present and future of industrial machine design”, conceived by Mechatronics Group of ANIE Automazione, will be held at Politecnico di Torino on 10 May. A mechatronics application combines different technological disciplines where mechanical, electrical, electronic systems, and IT interact in order to increase production efficiency. During the planning phase this convergence of goals is not always respected and one of the difficulties that may arise is that of enhancing the interdisciplinary mechatronics nature. The workshop declines this general concept in a series of speeches by the providers of mechatronic components. The aim is to illustrate to the students the prevailing aspects of a machine’s design, part of an industrial production plant. The approach is operational and concrete, linked to the real needs of the machine manufacturer and the end-user who see with interest the specific technological topics but also have to consider the economic and practices requirements. It is also expected the participation of an OEM that will describe his experience. Info and program on the Association website (