Wireless positioning system

At Mecspe 2018 Elesa will present its latest position indicators: the new wireless spindle positioning system. The wireless system, made of the control unit UC-RF and up to 36 electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF, is designed for an efficient manual spindle positioning. The position indicators DD52R-E-RF (Elesa Patent) are networked to the control unit UC-RF by radio frequency (RF) connection, so that connecting cables are not required resulting in an easy and quick installation. Current and target positions are transmitted by RF from and to the control unit, facilitating machine set up.
Thanks to the available functions and to the programmable parameters, one item can be used for many applications including all shaft pitch variations, direction of rotation, unit of measure etc.
The main features of the new system are: wide 6 digits display 12 mm height ensuring excellent readability even from a distance and from different viewing angles, IP65 or IP67 protection class for applications that require frequent washing, even with water jet, corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel bushing with Ø 20 mm hole, long battery life: over 3 years.
The Monza-based company will also preview the Supplement New Products 166.1 to the Catalogue 166.