Wireless bolted joint monitoring

Plarad Italy, exclusive distributor of StrainLabs, is proud to present the ultimate solution for monitoring of bolted joints. When a bolt is preloaded by tightening, it elongates elastically. The elongation is proportional to the preload. The sensor technology uses a laser to measure the elongation and thereby accurately determine the bolt preload. All bolted joints have a minimum and maximum allowed preload level. If the StrainLabs sensor detects that a preload value is approaching a limit that is indicative of failure, it alerts the user. The sensor transmits its data wirelessly to a gateway, which via GSM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or other existing networks, uploads it to a cloud service. The system pinpoints, monitors, documents and reports back on each individual bolt and issues warnings for corrections. This information is displayed on a screen–computer or handheld device. The required action can then be taken. This means you only perform maintenance when it’s necessary; only on the bolt that’s about to come loose.