When Dreams Come True

As touched upon during my inaugural speech, the epochal change that has seen two historical associations like ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID merged into FEDERTEC, relies on the concept of innovation. Technology and skills are the focus, no longer on the simple “product”.

Today, for FEDERTEC, mechatronic technology means “opening” toward new companies and associations, all those bodies who share our vision. This is a sector of great potential which today represents €40bn in turnover of which FEDERTEC sectors make up €12bn.
It is clear that further gains are there to be made but depend on the culture inside an association being one of synergy and networking. We will be working on the promotion of our sectors, improving awareness of our business and responding to the real needs of our members.
This will not, however, mean losing the strong identity that we have enjoyed for the last 50 years. The history and heritage of ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID are priceless that must not be left to fall by the wayside.
This is why we chose the federative model, keeping the various bodies alive under the FEDERTEC roof. Presidents, boards and assemblies continue to carry out their roles.
I am convinced that innovation, to be genuine, must take sustenance from the tradition and culture of its history, rather than hiding or denying its existence. This will be my goal at FEDERTEC: together with the board, I will be doing my utmost to develop this new culture, being inspired by the strength and uniqueness that the ASSOFLUID and ASSIOT history has to offer, as well as encouraging the contribution of our members.
I would like to conclude this brief message in the traditional way, leaving the stage for the Vice President responsible for integration of mechatronic technology, Fausto Carboni, as he immediately begins to make his mark on the construction of the FEDERTEC project.