Welcome Orafluid!

Orafluid was founded in 1980 by the initiative of Giuseppe Pasetto, as a dealer of spare parts for agricultural machines. Thanks to the partnership with Parker Hannifin, today it has become a company specialized in production and sales of components for the Motion and Control.
The ability to provide high value-added and technological services, which include kitting,
on-board assistance, design and implementation of hydraulic systems, flexible hose assemblies and tube bending allows ORAFLUID to offer efficient and high quality tailor-made solutions.
The twenty-year partnership with Parker Hannifin has been rewarded with the acknowledgment
of Certified Distributor, for the high quality offered.

As a leading distributor of Motion and Control, Orafluid has developed specific solutions for the following markets:
– Hydraulics
– Fluid Connectors
– Fluid and Gas Handling
– Automations
– Sealing & Shielding
– Filtration
– Electromechanical