Visual levels with special polymers

For more than 25 years, F.lli Giacomello has been one of the most flexible visuals on the market and has among its diamond tips a series that fits in with the previous ones, totally innovative in both design and technology: TL, visual zoom Fixed distance 76, 127 and 254 mm.
The level is built with special polymers that give transparency and robustness. Thickness is among the highest in the market for this type of layer and reaches 4 mm. The special vibration welding of the two components makes it possible to obtain a perfect blend, thus achieving a monoblock of the highest rigidity and robustness. In addition, for use on earth moving machines, or where there is concrete impact hazard, a polycarbonate level is expected, which is almost indestructible to shocks. For floating liquids (water and the like) a float can be inserted that highlights the level of the liquid (on request on versions without electrical signal). The technopolymer employed is a polyamide 12 compound and is the best-selling market in the field of transparent plastic today. It is known that only a few chemical agents, in addition to concentrated acids, are able to attack polyamides. The TL are therefore compatible with water, oils (including brakes), gasoline and diesel (by distributor), etc.