Vibration and Temperature Sensors for Harsh Environments

Turck Banner launches on the market the QM30VT series of sensors, which measure the temperature and vibration of machinery. These sensors may be used alone for monitoring applications, or as part of a complete predictive maintenance solution.

by Tommaso Albrile

Turck Banner Italia introduces to the Italian market the innovative QM30VT series of sensors, designed to detect potential problems on engines, fans, pumps and any type of machinery with rotary movements or which generates vibrations, by measuring temperature and a series of particular and significant oscillations. Vibrations in machines and plants are often caused by unbalanced, misaligned, loose or worn parts.
Turck Banner’s QM30VT series sensors can detect even slight changes in machine performances, so that potential problems may be identified in advance, that is, before they can cause additional damage, machine failure and costly unplanned downtime.

Compact design makes them easy to install in confined spaces
The special design of Turck Banner’s new sensors allows easy adaptation even in very small spaces. The thin, flexible cable and easy-to-use clamping options simplify installation, even in positions which are difficult to access.
The new sensors are available in a sealed aluminium casing with IP67 degree of protection for use in most industrial applications or even with a 316L stainless steel casing with IP69K degree of protection suitable for use in environments which are frequently washed down.
The dimensions of Turck Banner’s QM30VT series sensors (30 x 30 x 13.25 mm) and their design reduce resonant interference, allowing high measurement accuracy of both RMS speed and temperature.

Secure data communication using a wireless network
Connected to a MultiHop Radio Modbus or a single cable serial node, these sensors will communicate data concerning the condition and performance of the equipment on which they have been mounted via a Sure Cross wireless network to a DXM series wireless controller.
In combination with the Wireless Solutions Kit for temperature and vibrations, the QM30VT sensors enable the display of vibration data graphs, create alarms, store and analyse data from multiple resources.
In brief, Turck Banner’s QM30VT series sensors can be used on their own for simple monitoring and data collection applications or as part of a complete predictive maintenance solution. They highlight machine performance problems caused by misalignment, imbalance, bearing failure, pump cavitation, blade damage, and many more. Their application reduces downtime by providing predictive insights into potential problems before a failure occurs, also allowing the establishment of more strategic maintenance planning.
QM30VT sensors monitor machinery and collect data both in industrial applications and in complex environments which are frequently washed down.