Training Schedule on gear calculation software

KISSsoft offers a rich training schedule; beside introductory and advanced courses and seminars on specific themes, users are offered the possibility to attend training courses on-demand at their company’s site.
All training experts are qualified mechanical engineers with a long lasting expertise with KISSsoft/KISSsys. Participants receive, along with the relevant documentation, an up-date demo version, which is fully functional for 30 days offering the possibility to carry out actual calculations. The first dates for the training courses, in English, are the following:
– Shaft and Bearing Calculation and Optimization (March 6-7 2018, Bubikon, Switzerland).
– Precision Mechanics: Small cylindrical gears and crossed helical worm gears in plastic or sinter materials (June 5-6, Bubikon, Switzerland).
More details on 2018 training schedule, general information and on-line registration are available on the company’s site homepage.