Torsional Elastic Couplings for Demanding Applications

The new R+L Hydraulics couplings can be installed quickly and easily on a wide range of complex applications. The LF series does not require lubrication and maintenance, thus guaranteeing savings in terms of time and costs.

by Giordano Bracco

R+L Hydraulics presents the LF torsional coupling series, suitable for a wide range of demanding applications in agricultural and construction machinery, fans, compressors, high-pressure pumps, wind turbines and marine industries. The torsional couplings are extremely versatile. They are characterized by high performance in terms of shock loads, vibrations and misalignments. The couplings have low inertia and are light weight, easy to mount and maintenance-free. The basic component of the LF torsional coupling is an extremely versatile rubber element. To exploit the full range of its performance, the element is available in various materials to cover different types of resistance and torsional stiffness. Oil, heat and corrosion-resistant materials such as Hytrel and Zytel are also available.

Goodbye to lubrication and maintenance
Because of its simple design, the LF torsional coupling can be produced in a number of varieties and installation variants to meet the requirements of diverse applications. At the same time, installation is simple and logical: the element is bolted to a cylindrical hub with radial screws, and then attached to a flange hub with axial screws. This design is highly effective and gives the LF torsional coupling outstanding performance capabilities in compensating misalignment and absorbing vibrations and shock loads. The couplings do not need lubrication and are maintenance-free. The air flow design cools the components during operation. Thanks to their short profile, the LF couplings are ideal for tight spaces in machine housings or for use from shaft to shaft. They do not require any special connectors, tools or time-consuming assembly procedures. LF torsional couplings are available in a number of variants with bore dimensions from 8 mm to 130 mm. R+L Hydraulics offers application support and on-site assessment for all possible fields of use.