Timer, counter and hour counter

Lovato Electric introduced its new timer with NFC technology with which you can set parameters directly from smartphones or tablets, even without having to power the timer. Programming is extremely simple and intuitive thanks to the graphic interface of the App that shows the diagram of the selected function on the display.

The device is complete (40 functions can be set) and accurate: the M1 NFC TM is multiscale and can handle times from 0.1 seconds to 999 days. NFC connectivity allows you to set timing values with extreme precision and accuracy, both on short and long scales. Once the function has been selected, it can be saved and transferred to an unlimited number of timers. This allows set-up times to be significantly reduced – especially for series programming – ensuring the resetting of setting errors and the repeatability of the operation.

Finally, you can lock the settings with a 4-digit password to prevent tampering with the settings by unauthorized personnel. The timer can be powered by auxiliary voltage from 12 to 240 V AC/DC.
TMM1 NFC can also be used as a counter and hour counter. Regardless of the selected timing function, a threshold can be programmed on the number of relay output closings of TMM1 NFC. The current count value can also be viewed at any time in the Lovato NFC App.