Tightly Sealed in a Matter of Seconds Thanks to New Locking Concept

VOSS Plug is a plug-in system that can replace the traditional threaded solutions for hydraulic lines. The system ensures a reliable and fast installation, suitable for difficult assembly situations.

by Andrea Baty

In hydraulic connection technology, threaded solutions for safe, reliable and leakage-free installation have stood the test of time. But there are always situations in which they reveal weaknesses, when compromises have to be made in the design or when it comes to ease of installation, for example in cramped installation spaces.
With VOSSplug, VOSS Fluid developed a plug-in system that can replace the usual threaded solutions for hydraulic lines.
VOSS Fluid’s aim was to develop a solution that on the one hand ensures a reliable and fast installation, but on the other hand also exhibits its advantages in difficult assembly situations. This required, however, a system that firstly could be installed stress-free and secondly could be mounted in such a manner that directional deviations during installation were prevented. The new VOSS Plug connection system now meets these requirements.

Plug-in reliability with high pressure load capacity
VOSS Plug can be mounted and dismounted from above to save space. The installation takes only about 5 seconds – about 30 seconds less than the installation of an average taper coupling that has to be screwed together. While classic threaded fittings require a large radial mounting space to attach an open-end wrench, VOSS Plug scores with the greatest possible installation flexibility.
To ensure this simplicity, VOSS Plug has been designed so that all components sit captive on the plug. The system comprises two wedge slider elements, a retaining element and a sealing element. Between the connecting stud (made of machining steel with zinc-nickel coating) and the wedge gate valve, a special snap ring is placed as a fastening element along with an O-ring and a support ring as a “sealing package”.
Thanks to the patented wedge slider locking system, VOSS Plug achieves plug-in reliability even with a high pressure load capacity of up to 450 bar: The special snap ring automatically adopts its holding position due to the active locking mechanism, which is clearly visible from the outside. In this position the fastening ring is completely chambered (360°). Absolute safety is also ensured when the system is released: if the fitter accidentally unlocks the VOSS Plug System even though the hose is under pressure, at first nothing happens.

Only when the fitter moves the plug approx.
3 millimeters against the pressure direction can the retaining ring take up its opening position and the plug system be released. The system can be unlocked very easily, for example using a screwdriver.

The system adapts to the tension-free course of the hose
While classic threaded fittings tend to rotate during installation and can cause stresses in the hoses as well as directional deviations, VOSS Plug always adapts to the ideal, tension-free course of the hose line.
VOSS Plug is available in two versions: as an integrated plug-in version and as a plug-in version with adapter connection piece. With the integrated variant, the customer is provided with appropriately shaped holes in the connection area of the system. With this solution, the adapter socket can be completely omitted and no further components have to be mounted on the customer’s plant end.