The Value of the Individual, the Strength of Being United

by Fausto Villa, President of FEDERTEC

A few months after my election as President of FEDERTEC, I would like to draw the attention to the objectives of the new federation, which was created to represent and promote, in an evolutionary context where product technologies are increasingly converging, the Italian components and mechatronic technologies industry for fluid power, power transmissions, control and intelligent automation of products and industrial processes.
The industrial world is in the midst of a profound transformation and the digital revolution is now a reality that involves all companies; therefore, in an increasingly driven scenario of technological convergence, our companies need a point of aggregation that represents them and supports them, in order to evolve in step with the market.
In this sense, FEDERTEC intends to be the reference point for the industrial automation sector, focused on the convergence and fusion of different technologies: fluidics, mechanics, electronics, digital and software, skills and know-how (“Ecosystem”).
Belonging to FEDERTEC means being part of this wider ecosystem, where the specificity of a single member represents a priceless heritage to preserve and enhance. At the same time, the federation’s identity guarantees a technological and operational transversality capable of enhancing the entire supply chain of skills and encouraging the evolution of the entire sector. The specificity of the individual members must be our value, the identity that comes from the union our strength: working in synergy means sharing technologies and skills thanks to the contribution of all. It is becoming increasingly essential and fundamental to pool experience and resources in order to be able to grow together and create the basis for an increasingly solid future for our companies, especially small businesses, and to ensure that Italian industry continues to confirm a position of excellence recognized and appreciated worldwide and of which we are all proud. I am aware, together with the members of the FEDERTEC management bodies, that tackling the 2020-2023 programme that we set ourselves at the beginning of our mandate requires a commitment from everyone, taking one step at a time, without neglecting the external factors that sometimes depend on international dynamics. I am convinced that the will, commitment and sense of belonging of all members will allow us to obtain important results, for a sector that already today has an extremely significant turnover value within the national and international economic panorama, with an industrial horizon of great potential.