Alsiter è il progetto di Sadas Group e Sei Sistemi per la system integration dell’automazione e dell’elettrificazione industriali

The project for system integrators in automation grows

Born from an idea of Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, the Alsiter project is aimed at system integrators of automation and continues to grow thanks to the creation of a new dedicated website

Alsiter_the automation mover is the merger of Sei Sistemi and Sadas Group, created to be a reference player for system integration in the industrial plant automation and electrification business. SADAS’ flexibility and know-how, combined with Sei Sistemi’s tailor-made approach and solid experience in all industrial and manufacturing sectors, will result into a new industry player with huge potential and international scope. In this respect, the Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi teams are working together to build two new international sites: one in Bucharest, Romania, to serve the East European market; and one in Charlotte, North Carolina, to cover the North American market.

A new website

The Alsiter_the automation mover project is gaining momentum also with the launch of the new website in Italian and English. The “Origins” section tells the story of Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, highlights the benefits of the merger and stresses the value of a one-stop partner that can manage the entire lifecycle of a project, from design to development.

The “Services” section describes all the services offered by Alsiter: from the creation of custom and tailor-made industrial facilities, to revamping using advanced solutions to extend the life of industrial plants within a manufacturing process; from the control of instrumentation and processes to deliver high performance standards, to energy measurement to minimize waste and implement a targeted strategy for energy efficiency; from preventive maintenance to predict and prevent equipment failure, to motor repair and overhaul services ranging from diagnostics to final testing.