The New Working Group for the 2019-2022 Mandate

by Fausto Villa, President of FEDERTEC

It is a crucial period in FEDERTEC history. We need to get to know each other better, overcome any initial doubts, reach our shared goals.
We are working to set up the program of projects over the coming years, to do this, the Bureau defined 4 working groups all of which are headed up by the vice president:

  • Marketing: Fausto Carboni, Bonfiglioli Riduttori
  • Business: Lucio Moriggi of SMC Italia
    Technology and innovation: Fabrizio Sasdelli, CIMA
  • Internationalization and Networking: Paolo Marzocchi, Marzocchi Pompe.
    The Bureau will ensure strong participation of single councilors, the current and past ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID presidents and members as well as all those who wish to bring their skills to the commission table. The working groups will have a specific focus with scheduled goals to reach.
    The priority of the Marketing Commission, is the extension of the membership, the description and promotion of the new association program and corporate identity, communication with associates and FEDERTEC events and trade fairs.
    The Business Commission will organize working groups for statistical analysis, create FEDERTEC Buyers for increased purchasing power among associates, bring other associations into the group, establish events for the presentation of member products and services and define agreements with administrative, legal and insurance providers.
    The Technology and Innovation Commission will develop the sector specific FEDERTEC training program and create the technical director’s club which will interact with academic bodies at technical commissions and certification events, keep check of research funding and support technical publications pertinent to our area of business.
    The Internationalization and Networking Commission will strengthen ties with foreign associations, universities and technological partners.
    Member participation will be fundamental in all working groups, each person with their skill input helping the commission to make the right choices in terms of supporting, protecting and promoting our sectors to face the real needs of the entire supply chain. The FEDERTEC ecosystem.
    Good work, everybody!