The New Range of Spin-on Filters is Based on Eco-Sustainability

Fai Filtri enlarges its range of products with a new innovative filter that respects, above all, the environment. The ESD Series includes filters that can be disassembled in different components, allowing you to reuse both the flange and the container.

by Elena Magistretti

The growing attention to environmental protection has led Fai Filtri’s R&D department to develop a new series of filters that can be disassembled. Unlike the traditional spin-on CSD filters, that at the end of their life must be completely replaced and disposed, the filter element of the filters in this series can be disassembled allowing you to reuse both the flange and the container thanks to an innovative technical solution that combines respect for nature with optimization of maintenance costs and ease of use. The new range of products has a nominal operating pressure of 35 bar (500 psi) and a peak pressure of 70 bar (1.000 psi), it is available in three sizes (ESD020-050-070) with different variants of media configurations and degrees of filtration.

Total interchangeability with other ‘medium pressure’ products
The peculiarity of the ESD Series is the total interchangeability with spin-on filters of Fai Filtri or other producers of the “medium pressure” spin on family (35 bar – 500 psi) without any modification to the housing or the original connections; the filter case is guaranteed for the entire life of the machine or plant on which it is installed; the interchangeable filter element, with a patented design, is available in different variations of filtering media and by-pass setting; the system of opening/closing of the housing through a bayonet joint with an anti-screwing device is realized with a cartridge-case interaction mechanism (patent application filed).
The complete filter is sold in its three components: the flange, unique for the whole range; the container, which varies according to the size of the filter (with accessory parts such as seals and the internal spring); the filter element in different variations of media (impregnated paper, inorganic microfibres and wire meshes), size and by-pass valve (1,75 bar/2,5 bar/3,5 bar) and with its seals.
In any case, maintenance technicians can purchase the parts separately and then compose the filter in the desired configuration.
The first assembly is carried out as for traditional spin-on filters. The subsequent interventions, on the other hand, no longer require the unscrewing of the flange, but the simple disengagement of the case with the bayonet system, the replacement of the filter element and the reassembly with the bayonet system. The entire system is subject of an international patent application: an additional piece in the intense growth path of Fai Filtri.