The Latest Developments for Industry 4.0 Plug & Play

Alleantia presents its ecosystem of partners, developers, integrators of solutions for the Industry 4.0 Plug & Play. For the end user, the analysis, management and processing of field data from any machine or automation system becomes ever easier. Besides the Pisa-based company has further enhanced the edge-computing capabilities of its software.

by Andrea Baty

Alleantia presents a series of important innovations that are the result of the continuous development of I4.0 Plug & Play technology for the increasingly quick and easy interconnection of machines and production plants and the transmission of data collected from the field towards customers’ IT applications. these new features include Digital Twin IIoT Apps, which use the protocols MQTT, MTConnect, OPC-UA and Ethernet-IP. The company further enhanced the edge-computing capabilities of its software that, automatically, thanks to the possibility of local processing, allow customers to enrich the usability of drivers/digital twins, enriching them with information for the implementation of more performing and high value added Industry 4.0 projects.

A partnership program dedicated to the new IIoT Apps
The Alleantia’s offer is a multi-platform software capable of simply connecting, in just a few minutes and without programming, any industrial device (machine tool, robot, PLC or simple sensors) to the IT world, or the so-called IoT Apps. “Just for the developers of this nascent category of IT applications – said Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia – our partnership and collaboration program is destined. Thanks to them, more than 5,000 industrial devices can be connected to the most disparate applications, management software and virtual reality”. At MECSPE 2018 there was a large representation of partner companies that, by displaying the “connected by Alleantia” logo on their products, offered their customers the guarantee of an open and scalable solution over time, but also safe and reliable and with low value investments. Advantech was one of them. During the fair the company showcased the range of certified IoT Gateways both for the installation of Alleantia software in Windows, Linux OS and with the new Intel – WindRiver Pulsar and to transfer the data collected in the field in WISE-PaaS/RMM, the IoT platform of dashboarding and device management realized by Advantech. Desys was also present with its own Linkersys application, the only cloud and on-premise platform for the visual management of pre and post-sales services, based on 3D models navigable by mobile and with AR/VR devices, now also enriched with IoT data from Alleantia. Linkersys, thanks to the “connected by Alleantia” technology, will be integrated real-time with the scale model of the high-speed “H-Gantry” system Festo managed by its latest generation CPX Motion&Control platform, version 4.0, realized from the German leader of industrial automation. Finally, in the area of the fair dedicated to management software, Alleantia’s partner Antos showcased its flexible Bravo Manufacturing, a MES solution which already owns an IoT App for connection to machine tools that are “connected by Alleantia”. Other MES, such as the one realized by Tesar, the Alleantia partner, can be easily connected to machine tools and production plants thanks to our Industry 4.0 Plug & Play solutions.
The novelties and Alleantia applications comply with the requirements of the tax benefit of the hyper-depreciation of 250%.