The Importance of Participating in Change

by Sabina Cristini,
ANIE Automazione Managing Board

Sometimes the technological evolution and the themes of Industry 4.0 are subject of concern regarding the fact of not being able to keep up with the technologies. This leads some to breathe air of social and employment uncertainty with reference to the drivers of innovation. Our daily work is the expression of ourselves in society. Through our activity we express our personalities, our attitudes and our ability to mediate, between colleagues within the company, between competitors in the market and in the management of new technologies.
These individual actions are usually faster than the ability of organizations to adapt to them, so much so as to generate constant obsolescence engaged in a continuous race towards synchronization.
We are living years in which technologies are incrementally integrated and interact with each other, mechanics with electronics, software with finance, information management through digital Big Data, up to the manipulation that turns into misinformation. Here the individual and his participation in the change really make a difference: everyone contributes to the development and construction of his own knowledge and that of the company in which he operates. On this basis of reasoning we can consider the famous statement by John Maynard Keynes, British economist at the beginning of the 20th century… in the long run we will all be dead.
Keynes wished to highlight a dilemma: because of the uncertainty about the future, we tend to be protected in the short term by saving money, but by not investing we contribute to slowing down and stopping economic growth. Therefore, in his personal, corporate and political choices, he invited us to think about and develop long-term action plans that also included the sum of many short-term actions.
Today we are well aware that we are living in a perennial technological and social transition. At this point the good news is that, in the long run, we will all be alive and active, with our daily work, especially by constantly building our skills, through lifelong learning, investing and integrating day by day innovative technologies in our processes, keeping an open mind to change. Everyone’s commitment to acquiring and transferring knowledge for growth is a valuable consolidation for the group. Since we will all be alive and new technologies are and will continue to be faster and more interactive, let’s help them to be smarter and more at our service, especially towards respect for environmental sustainability, which today is the real major global emergency in the short term.