The IIoT Stands Out Among the Latest Innovations for Mobile Machines

One of the most important innovations launched by Bonfiglioli at BAUMA 2019 is ECGenius, an efficient CVT transmission for telehandler vehicles. There are also innovations in the field of electric gearboxes, while customised IIOT platforms enable predictive maintenance of the gearboxes.

by Elena Magistretti

The highlight of Bonfiglioli’s offer at BAUMA 2019 is dedicated to telehandler applications. High-power, efficient and cost-effective, ECGenius is a continuously variable transmission. The Patented Mechanical Variator (Europe, United States and Asia) is at the core of this product is the result of over 15 years of development at CVTCORP, Bonfiglioli’s Canadian partner. CVTCORP, is leader in the design and development of revolutionary, high-efficiency mechanical Continuously Variable Transmissions (mCVT) for the off-highway market.
ECGenius enables OEMs to downsize engine while providing unmatched operational ease, and overall vehicle performance improvements in the 20-30% range. Torque and power are transferred seamlessly through 6 actuated rollers, thanks to the electrohydrodynamic lubrication, which prevents metal to metal contact while ensuring the correct torque transfer without slippage.
The robust design is conceived to handle typical application shock loads, while the precise and stable control system is not at all affected by load variations, all tested by experience with over 500,000 cumulative test hours completed in the lab and by OEMs in real life applications.The Transmission Control Unit algorithm use, engine and transmission data ensure maximum vehicle efficiency and overall system optimization. The software is easy to integrate and to include special operating modes for specific applications resulting in maximum productivity. The flexibility of the open architecture and customizable software allows the unit to meet different geographic anf application requirements
The traction drive mechanical CVT architecture offers smooth, seamless shifting with no steps through an infinite number of effective forward speeds. And the innovative transmission design with advanced control and clutch reduces the number of mechanical components, therefore reducing mechanical and viscous losses. Seamless shifting allows the engine to operate at its optimal operating point translating into fuel efficiency.

Electric slew and track drives for mini-excavators
Series 701TE and 701CE electric slew and track drives allow customers to get a complete drive solution for 2-3 ton mini-excavators. Bonfiglioli offers a fully electric alternative to the conventional axial piston hydraulic unit, allowing the machine to reduce noise levels and CO2 emissions to zero. The complete electric powertrain dramatically improves the efficiency of the machine and extends the maintenance interval providing a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership. Bonfiglioli’s electric motors have been specifically designed and developed to match the demanding requirements of the market in terms of energy efficiency, compact dimensions and high power density.
Each motor has been designed to perfectly fit the space available for the slew and the track system minimizing the requirements and modifications to the frame and the entire system. Its rugged and compact design is guaranteed thanks to the stator’s technology design, made with concentrated winding and IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) technology. Bonfiglioli new 709CE track drive series, in particular, is the perfect choice for crushers and screeners facing harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the ductile iron casting housing, the motor perfectly adapts to all heavy-duty applications. The housing is robust and perfectly resistant to environmental stress and contaminations like dust, water, etc., as it is compliant with IP67 protection level.
The new electric 709CE track drive with a three-stage planetary configuration reaches a rated power of 22kW with a rated voltage of 380 Vrms. The gearmotor is capable of providing up to 31,500 Nm peak torque.
Due to the IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) technology and the integrated liquid cooling system, the very compact designed motor supplies more power density. Its rugged design is guaranteed thanks to the stator’s design technology, made with concentrated winding. Furthermore, the integrated electrically released safety brake offers high protection and space savings.

Tailor-made IIOT platforms for predictive maintenance of gearboxes
In this edition of the Bauma, Bonfiglioli will present two examples of its digitalization know-how. First HDO gearboxes are used for several applications in harsh or aggressive environments, where the right timing for oil or component replacement (such as ball bearings and gears), can reduce costs and maintenance risks, just by observing the data provided by the predictive maintenance system. Second, the F620 gearbox used in excavator’s application, where the openness of the condition monitoring system to different kind of motors and data inputs allows to monitor the health status, define the right maintenance time and reduce replacement times, by predicting the next failures and the type of component to be replaced.
Bonfiglioli’s IIOT-technology is an innovative solution for constantly monitoring the health of a gearbox, particularly relevant for all applications where early fault detection is critical in increasing reliability as well as lowering operational costs, maintenance costs and reducing downtime. By combining inverters, sensors and know-how-based algorithms, it is possible to measure in real time a series of data coming from the mechatronic chain, such as the current, torque, power, speed, vibration or temperature; these data are transformed into process or fault information.