The Fluid Power sector in the first three months of 2018

According to the data collected, the results of the quarterly economic survey about the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same period of the previous year are available. The Fluid Power industry in Italy is showing extremely positive figures for both sectors: hydraulics and pneumatics. The latter, in particular, follows the trend showed at the end of the past year.
Let’s see in detail the results for the two sectors of Fluid Power in Italy.

As for the turnover, results are good for exports, imports, domestic market and production.
Here are the details: Export +14.1%; Domestic production +14.0%; Domestic market +15.9%; Import +19.4%; Domestic deliveries +13.9%.
The trend of the orders portfolio is even better: Export and Domestic production +25.8%; Domestic market +23.5%; Import +19.7%.

The first quarter of 2018 for the pneumatic field is featured by good performances for either domestic product consumption or production trend. The variations for the first quarter of the year are the following: as turnover, the results show +12.7% for Exports and +10.7% for Imports; +10.6% for the Domestic market and +11.8% for Domestic production. The orders portfolio is also good and featured by the growth of Domestic production (+11.2%) and Domestic market (+9.5%). Positive results are associated to Export orders (+13.9%) and Import (+10.8%). The results that emerged from this 2018 survey seem to suggest further growth for both the sectors, with a better trend for hydraulics.