The Debut of the New Machine Tools Division

The new Camozzi Machine Tools Division was presented at EMO 2019, fruit of the synergy between two companies controlled by the Group, Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll Machine Tools, which will share resources and experience in a number of strategic sectors such as aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, energy, naval, mining and railway.

di Alma Castiglioni

The new Camozzi Machine Tools Division made its debut at EMO 2019, fruit of the synergy between two of the companies controlled by the Group, Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll Machine Tools, which united in partnership share as a common factor resources and experience in the aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, energy, naval, mining and railway industries.
As a Global Player, the Division will act as an innovation accelerator thanks to the technologically advanced solutions and to the worldwide consulting and support service which characterize both companies. Ingersoll is an excellence centre for additive manufacturing, laying carbon fibre and machining composite materials, while Innse-Berardi has a wealth of distinctive competences in heavy mechanical engineering. The two companies, while maintaining different identities, will be able to offer a broader portfolio and to satisfy the demands of clients in any part of the world, with a “team-key” approach, founded on team work, which enhances the respective capabilities of realizing turnkey projects.

The five technological areas of the new Division
Camozzi Machine Tools Division covers five technological areas. Additive manufacturing, where the MasterPrint range, by Ingersoll, stands out: the world’s largest 3D printer for the production of complex thermoplastic components. The solution, which integrates a head which may be positioned on 5 axes, guarantees reliability, speed and efficiency, favouring a reduction of lead times and of production costs up to 75%.
The second area of specialization of the Division concerns the automatic positioning of carbon fibres. Mongoose represents the most advanced technology in this domain and, besides offering an automated deposition of fibres, it allows finishing and verification on the same platform.
The experience in the creation of vertical and horizontal multitasking work stations is also considerable: Specifically, the former includes the Atlas series by Innse-Berardi and the MasterMill and MasterSpeed families by Ingersoll, which combine the most advanced technologies with principles of ergonomics and maximum safety, encouraging cost containment and better production performances.
Horizontal work stations on the other hand include as main players the Aries range by Innse-Berardi and the PowerMill and SuperProfiler ranges by Ingersoll, used all over the world to machine titanium other metals and composite materials. Both technologies may be used in heavy industry for applications requiring hydrostatic technologies or high speed.
An important competitive advantage of Camozzi Machine Tools Division is the co-design area, with clients, for special and customized machines, which make production processes leaner and more efficient. A result made possible by the use of emerging technologies, such as IIot and cloud computing. The Division cooperates closely with Camozzi Digital – System Integrator for application solutions for 4.0 manufacturing – for the application of avant-garde ICT systems such as IBNet, an end-to-end solution for the centralized management and control of production, and IBRM, a suite to monitor in real time the production sites and for predictive maintenance.

Cutting-edge world class applications
With more than 10,000 machines installed in the whole world, the Machine Tools Division stands out on the market even on account of its after-sales service and consulting Team and for its capability of supporting the client from the supply of spare parts to retrofitting and remote diagnostics, for a predictive and preventive maintenance aimed at guaranteeing optimal performances of the machines at all times.
According to Lodovico Camozzi, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Camozzi Group, the new Camozzi Machine Tools Division is the natural evolution of the Group’s multidisciplinary approach.
Lodovico Camozzi mentioned the cutting-edge applications developed by the two companies: to mention but a few examples, Ingersoll manufactured some of the components of the space ship for the Orion mission to Mars and cooperated with the National Science Foundation and AURA for the construction of some parts of DKIST, the largest solar telescope in the world, while Innse-Berardi provided a double portal in the Atlas series within the framework of the international ITER project for the development of a nuclear fusion reactor.