Technological Synergy

by Fausto Carboni, Vice President of FEDERTEC

Bonfiglioli is one of the founding members of Assiot and has always been present in the association embodying and sharing its values for almost fifty years.
Over time, the business of our sector has evolved. As global players with an eye to technology and innovation, we have seen and interpreted change as integration of the various technologies that were once born separately and now merge into what is called “mechatronics”.
The technologies relating to the power transmission sector, in which Bonfiglioli operates, are mechanics, fluid power, electronics and electromechanics which, born separately, in recent years have tended to merge and integrate inseparably with each other at increasing speed. Companies wishing to become leaders in their own sector while keeping a long-term vision and market leadership, are focused on the integration and development of these technologies in their product and service portfolio.
The idea that led to the birth of FEDERTEC is based on the assumption that the same logic of integration must be applied, even at the associative level and will be the starting point, not the end point, in this process of integration.
FEDERTEC was born with the ambition to be an association open to welcome members who operate in all these areas, with the aim of creating synergies and encourage dialogue between manufacturers of different technologies, in order to propose increasingly integrated solutions.
The newly-born association aims at the creation of a system which is capable to provide the market with systems that embrace all technologies. This integration principle also applies to supply chain partners who, within FEDERTEC, actually supply components and processes that give life to products.
By representing the entire supply chain of the Italian industry of mechatronic technologies and components for fluid power, power transmission, smart automation and control of industrial products and processes, FEDERTEC aims to create opportunities for discussion while promoting this type of initiatives and actively push the change process.