Technical assistance and prompt delivery for internal gear pumps

In the year of its 40th anniversary, Interfluid, distributor of pneumatics and hydraulics components since 1979, widened its offer of hydraulic pumps with the Bucher brand.

The recently signed agreement with the German company provides for the distribution of internal gear pumps, such as the QX series, the QXEH series, and its upgraded version QXEHX. The new partnership will allow customers to approach Bucher’s products in a much shorter time, thanks to the prompt delivery stock offered by Interfluid.

The Bucher series object of the agreement are very efficient on plastic and rubber injection moulding machines, hydraulic presses, presses for glass, press brakes, machine tools, lift/elevator drives, die-casting machines, hydraulic power units.

The QXEH series includes single and double pumps for both constant and variable speeds. Thanks to the use of high-precision gear parts with a pinion shaft (such as pinion and shaft as one component) extremely low pulsation and flow levels are produced even at low speeds. The QXEH pumps offer maximum reliability and high performance in variable speed, highly dynamic applications and also with reversing operation.

The QXEHX series (picture) is the evolution of the QXEH, developed for speeds up to 4600 rpm and with heavy duty materials. The hydraulic lubrication has been improved, increasing the operational reliability of the pump. This series is characterized by cavitation-resistance with critical fluids and by its very long service life even with cyclic loading. The QXEHX series built with heavy-duty materials can also be used in difficult environments and with various fluid.