Tapered elements for conveyors

Installing a roller conveyor curve is all about the details, which can have a great impact on the smooth flow of materials. The disadvantages of conventional tapered elements become particularly noticeable when higher conveyor speeds are needed or roller conveyor curves that have not been designed and optimally installed are used to convey materials other than those intended.
Interroll offers a wide variety of tapered rollers for installing roller conveyor curves. All are based on tapered elements, which are pressed on a cylindrical steel pipe. An innovative solution according to which the tapered elements are secured from the inside, which prevents the possibility of them moving. The advantage of this solution is that it is not visible for the user.
In addition to fixing the tapered elements, their material has also been improved. The grey and black tapered elements are suitable for freezing and can therefore also be used in applications with temperatures as low as -28 degrees Celsius. The black elements also possess anti-static properties.This innovative solution is available for all RollerDrive series and the 1700 KXO and 3500 KXO roller series.