Tailor-made Solutions for the Oil & Gas Sector

The Hydac group is present in the oil & gas segment with certified solutions designed to clients’ specifications. The offer ranges from components, such as accumulators, filters, pumps, valves and exchangers to systems which guarantee the plants’ automation, efficiency and safety requirements.

by Elena Magistretti

In the oil & gas performances required fall within the highest bracket. Suffice it to consider the temperature and pressure involved, the reliability and strength needed to face often critical or adverse installation conditions. Drilling, sealing gas treatment, fluid filtration, monitoring and measurement of process values are only a few of the applications where this industry and Hydac’s offer meet.
The experience of the Hydac group in this segment goes beyond components, with systems and devices which satisfy the requirements of plants in terms of automation, efficiency and safety.

Monitoring functions integrated in accumulators
Hydac and QHP accumulators may now be equipped with control and security devices giving early warnings to the user as to faults and downtimes. These devices, from a retrofitting standpoint, may be used in already functioning plants because they are fitted externally. The BIS device which monitors the state of the accumulator bag, if this breaks, informs the system with an alarm. In the case of piston accumulators, on the other hand, ultrasound position sensors verify whether the accumulator is performing according to design parameters; as an alternative, laser position sensors may be used. In the hydro-electric range there are also pressure, flow and temperature transducers with ATEX, IECEx and cCSAus approvals, and available with HART protocol.

Specific filtration lines for process fluids
Hydac is also active on the filtration field. Its systems, as well as its construction parameters, take into account the installation environment and the safety of the plants. Typical process fluids in this segment include water, oil, gas and Meg for which specific lines have been developed: gas filtration for compressor groups, automatic filtration for water injection and piping cooling and flushing circuits, filtration groups for wellheads and high and low pressure lubrication, Meg filtration. AutoFilt® RF3, an automatic backwashing filter, for instance, besides being certifiable according to ABS, NR13, DNV, LLOYDS’, ASME is also available with construction materials compatible with marine environments. Reduced floor space, the possibility of modifying the design of connections as well as several pressure ratings make it suitable for off-shore and on-shore installations.

Attention to certifications as well as products
Hydac’s offer also includes micro pumps and valves up to 700 bar, exchangers, available in different sizes and with special coatings, right up to accessories. the group’s specialization and presence on the market is constantly evolving. The level indicators themselves show the compatibility with fluids and to prevent fluid leaks which may be harmful for the environment they can be equipped with safety devices.
Certifications, a wide range of construction materials, as well as different customized machining are all guarantees which characterize Hydac’s offer.