Synchronous Reluctance Motors Ensure High Energy Efficiency

ABB presented its range of SynRM ultra-premium IE5 synchronous reluctance motors, designed to meet the needs of companies wishing to improve their energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The design of these motors combines the performance advantages of synchronous motors with the simplicity and ease of maintenance of an induction platform without permanent magnets.

by Giordano Bracco

For all companies wishing to increase their energy efficiency, improve sustainability, and enhance reliability, ABB propose IE5 ultra-premium SynRM motors that offer up to 50% lower energy losses compared to IE2 motors. ABB’s synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors offer a new first choice to meet the growing global demand for improved energy efficiency. These motors now meet the new IE5 ultra-premium energy efficiency class defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
The IE5 ultra-premium SynRM motors offer up to 50% lower energy losses and significantly lower energy consumption than the commonly used IE2 induction motors. ABB first introduced SynRM technology in 2011 and case studies in industrial installations have demonstrated energy savings of up to 25%, depending on the application. The IE5 level of efficiency is made possible by the SynRM design which combines the performance advantages of permanent magnet technology with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction platform.
To ensure an environmentally friendly design, the motors do not feature rear earth materials like permanent magnets.

Reduction of consumption and productivity growth

Climate change and environmental responsibility are driving huge changes
across all industries. ABB responded to this challenge with ultra-premium IE5 motors that meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards.
These motors offer industrial users a great opportunity to reduce their electricity usage and CO2 emissions while also benefiting from increased productivity and lower life-cycle costs. Additional benefits of the IE5 SynRM motor are lower bearing and winding temperatures for enhanced reliability and long life. The design also creates less motor noise for a better working environment. ABB IE5 SynRM motors can be used in a wide range of demanding industrial applications where they offer accurate control and high efficiency across the whole speed range, even at partial loads.
This makes them an ideal upgrade option for standard induction motors in pumps, fans and compressors as well as in more demanding applications like extruders, concha mixers, winches, and conveyors.
IE5 SynRM motors are an easy replacement for induction motors as they have the same size and output power, so no mechanical modifications are required. The IE5 SynRM motors meet the requirements of the efficiency class defined in IEC TS 60034-30-2 and are available with output power of 5.5 to 315 kW in frame sizes IEC 132-315.
They can be specified as part of a high-efficiency motor and drive package with ABB variable speed drives (VSDs).