Smart sensors for motor monitoring

ABB has developed a solution that allows remote monitoring of virtually all low-voltage motors. With condition monitoring, maintenance can be scheduled in advance, reducing downtime and costs. By collecting data from a large number of motors, the solution also helps to optimize operational activities and energy consumption throughout the plant.
ABB Ability™ intelligent sensors can be factory mounted on new low-voltage motors, but also on already installed motors of any brand. The external sensor detects various signals from the motor and transmits the data via the integrated Bluetooth connection to the operator’s smartphone or an ABB gateway, reaching a server in the cloud via the Internet.
The server analyzes the data and produces valuable, usable information that is sent directly to the operator’s smartphone or a dedicated customer portal. The intuitive interface has a “traffic light” display that provides an immediate view of the engine status. If the system detects a problem that requires attention, it sends a communication to the operator’s smartphone. Through the portal, the operator can access historical data and information on operations and loads, facilitating optimal maintenance schedule.