Smart couplings ready for IoT

At the next edition of MECSPE, R+W will showcase its new smart coupling with integrated sensors, AIC (Artificial Intelligence Coupling). The new coupling has been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who require components capable of
self-monitoring and monitoring the operation of the machine, from maintenance to continuous performance control, without neglecting the ability to predict failures and breakages of various parts of the engine. The technology developed by R+W allows to record some operating parameters (temperature, vibrations, misalignment of the torque it is transmitting and more) thanks to the sensors integrated in the coupling itself. Several R+W couplings are already available in smart versions; the range of couplings which can integrate this technology is being expanded. The result, which represents the most advanced example of smart components currently available, makes it possible to build machines that are increasingly efficient, accurate and able to continuously monitor themselves, so as to predict possible failures which would have a negative impact on productivity. The innovative R+W solution provides the increasing flexibility required by client companies, increasingly oriented towards data acquisition from an Industry 4.0 standpoint.