Signaling devices for workplace safety

Sirena, one of the leading manufacturers of audible and visual signaling devices, offers a wide range of products in the signaling and automotive market sectors. One of the most supplied lines is Electra, with which Sirena proposes acoustic and luminous signaling devices primarily engineered for safety in the industrial world, for example audible and visual signaling for industrial plants and civil spaces, or on-board warning, or even panel mounted applications. With the Mline line, thanks to its modular system, customers can have “tailor-made” signaling devices for every type of application, even the most complex ones, thanks to their high luminous and acoustic performance; and with the IP66/65, the line is also ideal for outdoor applications. The Sirena catalog also includes Automax, the family of multifunctional stacklights designed for the automation industry; Four, specific for industrial and civil traffic signalization; and Workplus, consisting of signaling devices for workplace vehicles.