Sensors and Encoders Facilitate Diagnostics and Maintenance

The O300 series sensor with IO-Link interface and the series EAM580/360 magnetic absolute encoder – both launched by Baumer – are designed to meet machine manufacturers’ requirements in terms of robustness, reliability, precision, compactness, usability and connection options.

di Sebastiano Mainarda

With around 2,700 employees and 38 subsidiaries in 19 countries, the Baumer Group is a leading manufacturer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. These components are indeed increasingly important for machines and plants manufacturers. The products of the German company, whose Italian headquarters are in Assago, nearby Milan, are perfectly suitable for standard applications and provide customers with a series of benefits ranging from robustness to reliability; from precision to compactness; from usability to connection.
Baumer components deliver reproducible high-precision values and switching signals even in harsh environments. Result impairments by object material or ambient conditions such as light or temperature are down to a minimum. Baumer has profound expertise in sensor physics to master intelligent signal processing, to optimally adapt the sensor to the application requirements and to ensure consistently supreme quality.
Baumer sensors offer high performance in a compact design to support customers in miniaturization. They are easier to integrate and install, more intuitive to configure and offer enhanced usability in operation and maintenance. In fact, thanks to intelligent processing of digital information, Baumer sensors deliver optimum measuring results together with additional information.

IO-Link: a “must have” for Industry 4.0
Among the new products introduced at SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg are the sensors featuring IO-Link, a fast communication interface that, besides measured values, transmits a great bunch of additional information – in both communication directions. Sensors with IO-Link connectivity communicate with a master addressing up to eight sensors. The stored master parameter data can thus be distributed to several individual sensors. This allows for much more precise sensor adjustment in the application, which is a special benefit where processing different objects on a machine. Furthermore, the deployed sensor can switch functionality, for example an inductive sensor can be used as frequency meter or counter. IO-Link is therefore indispensable in digitization and a must-have for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.
IO-Link is the sensor’s “nerve pathway”, for example to report on signal quality or any temperature limit being exceeded. Such diagnostic data are important for predictive maintenance. Simultaneous transmission of different process data is useful as well: The Baumer optical sensors of the O300 series with IO-Link deliver both switching signal and distance information. And in the event of replacement, the sensor identification data provide information on sensor type, serial number and application.

Robust and precise magnetic absolute encoders
Robustness and precision are some of the main characteristics of the Baumer magnetic absolute encoder series EAM580/360, featuring resolutions which previously were reserved to optical encoders. In fact, the EAM encoders ensure an angular precision of ±0.15°, which is guaranteed throughout the entire broad spectrum of specified operating conditions. The strong point of the Baumer EAM encoders lays in their sophisticated interaction of the ingeniously arranged magnet and magnetic sensor (patent pending) in combination with a high-performant and energy-efficient microprocessor and best signal processing algorithms for conversion, filtering and interpolation of the measured values. All safely encased to withstand shocks (up to 500 g) and vibration (up to 30 g). The extra robust EAM R series provides highest corrosion resistance (CX) for applications in mobile automation (E1-compliant) and functional safety (up to PLd level).