Sensoroid and smart chair on exhibit at Hannover Messe

THK will display tro prototypes at Hannover Messe: ATMOS e ARGUS MOVA. The former is a humanoid sensoroid that is able to grasp various conditions of the surrounding environment. Sensors can be embedded all over the robot, thus enabling the environment in which a person is situated to be visualized on the basis of a diversity of factors. Designed as a silhouette of the human body formed in grey acrylic around a white framework. THK´s FBL27D slide rails are used in the chest area, and a microcomputer or other device can be installed as well. THK´s RF77F cross-roller ring is also used for/in the robot´s waist. Sensor data is visualized on a separate monitor. Argus Mova is a smart sensing chair that measures a person´s respiration, heart rate, stress levels, and more will also be on display. Its shape takes into consideration this product´s deployment as seats in automobiles, trains, airplanes and other applications. High-sensitivity piezo sensors are incorporated into the seat portion, enabling heart beat, respiration rate, and more to be detected based on minute movements of the human body.