Screw couplings for high pressures

DNP Industriale presents its range of screw couplings for high pressures (72 MPa), manufactured according to ISO 14540, and equipped with ball valves. The sealing in the disconnection phase is mechanical, without gaskets, therefore adaptable to any type of fluid and temperature.

These couplings are designed for heavy-duty tasks, their strength is a
high working pressure (particularly in static conditions) at the expense of
a reduced flow compared to other couplings with traditional valve.
The most common use is on equipment requiring much power to be precisely controlled and managed.
For high pressures the preferred size is generally ISO 6.3 (1/4), but with the upper ISO 10 (3/8) size, DNP Industriale offers more flow while maintaining the pressure characteristics of ISO 6.3.
The simplicity of these couplings is such as to allow the connection by hand even with residual pressure and, thanks to the DNP technology, to guarantee the mechanical sealing of the valves without loss of fluid (weak point of the mechanical seal joints) even at high static pressures where traditional gaskets would fail.