Safety laser scanner

SICK’s MicroScan3 is a new generation of security laser scanners for the protection of areas, accesses and points of operation based on the innovative safeHDDMTM scanning technology. This allows reliable data reading even in harsh environmental conditions, monitoring areas up to 275° with a protection range of up to 5.5 m.
Standardized connection interfaces and configuration memory allow quick and easy integration into the machine, saving time and wiring costs. Configuration is intuitive and commissioning simple thanks to the new Safety Designer software, while a multi-coloured display clearly indicates the operating status.
The compact and robust housing is suitable for use in industrial environments. MicroScan3 can be used to protect hazardous areas in loading and unloading stations, access to machines and gates, installations in harsh environments and hazardous points, and even to detect the presence of operators in the monitored area to prevent machines from being restarted without authorization, creating hazardous situations.