Quality and Customization in Brakes for Industrial Applications

RINGSPANN’s assortment of industrial brakes includes electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes with options for customer-oriented optimisation. These brakes are primarily used in drive and safety systems of lifting and conveyor systems in the steel industry and container logistics as well as in crane construction and marine technology.

di Giorgia Stella

The electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes from RINGSPANN ensure the operational safety of bucket wheel excavators and conveyors, enable the secure handling of containers and ensure the smooth handling of melting pots at the blast furnaces of steel producers. They are also in use as indispensable components in drive units of mobile portal cranes. The currently catalogued standard range is featured by brake torques ranging from 230 to 7,200 Nm for drum brakes (DT series) and from 2000 to 19,900 Nm for disc brakes (DS series). In addition to the almost all-encompassing range of models – with the corresponding control systems -, the customer-oriented configuration of electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes along with the fast spare part services and modern test bench technology rank among the company’s greatest strengths.

From catalogue models to customer solution
RINGSPANN’s Italian subsidiary, located close to Milan, has assumed an increasingly pivotal role due to the organisational integration of an Italian brake manufacturer, Ostelectric, acquired at the beginning of the year.
The technological tête-à-tête with the RINGSPANN specialists at the firm’s headquarters in Bad Homburg makes it possible to transform any electro-hydraulic drum or disk brake from the catalogue range into a customer and application-specific ideal solution. To do so, there is not only a broadly diversified range of technical options available, but also the in-house production capacities of RINGSPANN Italia. In fact, as for the selected electro-hydraulic brakes, the CNC machinery in Limbiate opens up further scope for technical fine tuning.

Just-in-time delivery with a test report
The constant availability of all technically important components on site in Italy for example secures a high degree of availability of the brakes and enables the integration of the brake assembly into just-in-time scenarios of European customers. All spare and wear parts are also available on standby and supplied in record time. RINGSPANN is also able to test check and verify braking torques, holding forces, reaction times and many other key performance parameters of the brakes from its DT and DS series on its own test benches. In addition to detailed installation instructions and user manuals, the customer also receives all the necessary test reports and protocols for their technical documentation and quality assurance. Besides, the RINGSPANN’s electro-hydraulic drum brakes comply with the connection dimensions of DIN 15435. Finally, in order to make it easier for designers and engineers to select the right brake, RINGSPANN has also developed a calculation tool that can be used free of charge at www.ringspann.de. It enables you to determine braking torques (clamping forces) and braking forces. It allows users for example to calculate the braking of rotating masses (e.g. shafts), carriages, cable winches and conveyor belts.