Production of gear cutting solutions

Schnyder SA is a leading company in the production of gear cutting solutions and toothed components including hobs, milling cutters, shaper and power skiving cutters. Its brand is synonymous of high quality standards and high performance products.
Established in 1944 in Biel, Switzerland, Schnyder SA has almost 100 employees distributed between the HQ in Switzerland and in the European Gear Tool Service Center in Hungary. It is represented in 50 countries.
Thanks to high quality self-made machines and software, state-of-the-art measurement techniques, the highest dimensional accuracy and an extensive technical expertise, Schnyder SA is able to guarantee the highest dimensional accuracy in the 2A-4A standard range to the automotive industry, gear manufacturers, aerospace segment, the watch industry and the energy sector.
With extensive investments in research and development, Schnyder SA offers unique innovations like PERFECTEdge® and PERFECTCUT®, which can increase tool productivity and component quality.
The opening of the European Gear Tool Service Center in Hungary aims to offer a complete service of tools sharpening and reprofiling, by using the most stringent quality standards.
Schnyder SA engineers and gear cutting specialists work in cooperation with universities, machine tool builders and coating experts in order to assist customers and business partners with practical advice.