Preventive maintenance plan 4.0

On the occasion of the 31.BI-MU, E-Repair (the only Siemens Service partner, all over Italy, for the industrial electronic boards repair and regeneration) launches Industry Service 4.0. This is a system consisting of services package aimed at monitoring and preserving of the industrial plant components, so as to reduce the possibility of breakdowns and the time and costs of machine downtime. After analyzing the status of the plant, E-Repair is able to formulate a preventive and predictive maintenance plan that meets the budget, in accordance with the company production planning. The maintenance service can be carried out at the production plant, through its network of specialized technicians, located throughout the Italian territory, or at the E-Repair laboratories. The preventive maintenance plan 4.0 includes: the Easy Check-Up service, that is the census of the products installed on the system, including the analysis of the electronic components status. The Easy Washing service instead takes care of the technological washing and the electronic boards tropicalization, while with Easy Back-Up it is possible to copy both the data and the set-up of the electronic boards. The replacement of worn parts of the product is guaranteed by the Easy Replacement service, while Easy Repair provides for the electronic boards repair (with standard timing). The Easy & Fast service ensures rapid repair with delivery of the part within 24 hours (a valid service subject to prior assessment of the type of fault) with a maximum time of three days. E-Repair issues the one-year warranty on repaired and regenerated products. Easy Pick-Up is the collection and delivery of faulty/anticipated/repaired products, directly from the customer’s warehouse. Easy Intervention provides the assistance of an expert and certified technician, in the case of technical intervention at his facility. Finally, on the E-Repair site there is a dedicated area (called Easy Tracking) that shows the history of the interventions, the traceability of the product and the request for intervention/info.