Precision level switches

F.lli Giacomello is participating as an exhibitor to the eighth edition of SPS IPC Drives Italia, presenting at the exhibition all its ranges, with particular attention to one of its flagship products, the Atex certified levels. The IEXD and CRXI level switches are built in compliance with the ATEX directive (94/9/EC) to be used in the control of different levels of a liquid inside a generic tank placed in an environment where a long-term continuity is present. explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air or flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors or mists (zone 0 – reference EN 60079-10). IEXD level switches are marked II 1/2 G Ex d II C T6 and have several advantages: flexibility in connections (from 1 Gas); up to 5 control points; possibility to insert a thermostat or a PT100; contacts S.P.S.T or S.P.D.T. The CRXI level switches are marked II 1/2 G Ex ia II C T5 Ga/Gb and thanks to their structure they have unique characteristics: from constant and continuous indication of the level with high repeatability accuracy, to linear level indication, regardless of the shape of the tank and the distance between the level indicator and the tank walls; also remote indication of the measure and possibility of piloting additional checks, and precision 12 mm. It can be used in the most varied environments: hydraulic, food, chemical and in the presence of explosive substances.