Precise regulation of air and inert gases

Small, lightweight, quiet, no self-heating, extremely low power consumption and yet a high flow rate of up to 100 l/min – that sums up the proportional valve VEAE with piezo technology from Festo. It is ideal for battery-operated, portable medical devices such as ventilator breathing devices.

However, its compact design also makes it suitable for stationary applications such as in ophthalmology or for dental drills and, in general,wherever a direct gas supply or a mixture of gases is required.
The VEAE reliably and precisely regulates gas flows, whether oxygen, air, nitrogen or inert gases.

And not just in medical technology, but also in applications in light assembly, the electronics and semiconductor industries, or the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
Since the piezo ceramics maintain their current status even in the case of power failure, valves VEAE also offer a high level of process reliability.
Piezo ceramics offer a number of advantage: no heat generation, extremely low power requirements; very compact and lightweight design; long service life; intrinsic safety.