Power Transmissions for Off-highway and Mining Vehicles

Altra Industrial Motion will attend BAUMA 2019 with its range of premier brands. The company will display solutions for mining and mobile power equipment applications: both sectors are characterized by extremely harsh conditions.

by Andrea Baty

Altra Industrial Motion gathers leading brands in power transmission as a united group. Construction machinery is an area of particular expertise for Altra, which is illustrated by the brands and products which will be present on at BAUMA 2019.
Off-highway vehicles are expected to operate faultlessly in challenging conditions, carrying out the heavy-duty tasks that ensure any project schedule is adhered to. Whether transporting loads, digging deep or moving earth – ensuring the reliability of this equipment is symbiotically tied to success on-site.
The off-highway vehicle powertrain is vital in achieving this performance in an efficient, safe manner. Minimising shocks throughout the powertrain with couplings such as those offered by Guardian Couplings, or Stromag’s newly launched steel spring loaded coupling, can reduce maintenance requirements by providing effective damping. Fan drive clutches and AC compressor clutches from Warner Electric can deliver energy savings while offering total reliability, promoting long term fuel efficiency. Compact, electromechanical heavy-duty actuators from Thomson offer integrated electronics and control options to promote space efficiency across a design and enhance user experience. Finally, high performance brakes can provide the raw stopping power required for large machinery.

A number of solutions for the mining sector
Unearthing resources from the ground, processing them and transporting heavy loads across long distances places huge strains on equipment. The very process of mining means that power transmission equipment must be able to withstand the biggest shocks and loads the tunnel or pit can conjure. The greater the durability, the more resources that can be gathered.
Each of Altra’s premier brands offer specialist solutions to the sector, each is designed with compatibility in mind – meaning that customers can specify brakes, backstops, couplings, gearing etc. safe in knowledge that the drive train will operate efficiently. In some applications the separate brands have shared expertise to provide integrated systems, such as Stieber and Svendborg Brakes’ combined RBD backstop and SOBO® IQ system.