Partnership in packaging

Founded in 2004, the Brazilian company Valmart begun its business by retroffiting and refurbishing used machines. In 2010, the company started manufacturing its own line of machines and accessories for the flexible plastic packaging industry. High productivity, low power consumption and reduced noise are among the main characteristics of Valmart machines, which take advantage of cutting-edge electronic and pneumatic components. For this reason, Valmart relies on a partnership with Aignep, a Brescia-based company working in Fluid Power.
According to Sérgio Valverde, CFO and partner-owner of Valmart, the cost-effectiveness ratio of products is very important, because “this is strongly related to the company’s financial plan. As for such a requirement, Aignep was a very good choice on the market”. “In addition to all this, Aignep’s strong and close support and good services, as well as its technical consultant’s assistance, quick logistics support for product delivery, after-sales support, among other things, were decisive to our decision to become partner of Aignep and apply their products to our machines. We will keep on working to make this partnership even stronger”, adds Icaro W. Valverde, the company’s director and partner-owner. “Aignep was able to quickly transmit us great security, so we have managed transmit it in turn to our customers, thus making our partnership even stronger”.
In Valmart machines, several Aignep products are applied, including directional valves (01V series), ISO6432 cylinders (MH and MF series), ISO15552 cylinders (X series), ISO21287 compact cylinders (W series), magnetic switches (DS, DT, DC series), F.R.L. air preparation items (Series T), flow regulators (Function series), fittings (55000 series), as well as brass accessories, silencers, polyurethane tubes and other pneumatic components.