Next-generation Gear Oils

Castrol launched advanced, Flender-approved gear oils for longer-lasting protection. Tests proved that these oils can lower frictional torque by up to 30% and deliver superior surface protection.

by Elena Magistretti

Castrol, the well-known producer of lubricants, launched an innovative gear oil to help industry reduce energy consumption and prevent unexpected downtime caused by gear failures. The technology in the Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD ES range works at the microscopic level by smoothing the metal surface of the gear, reducing friction and protecting gears from wear. The Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD ES range is approved for use with Flender-Siemens gears and is the first lubricant to pass SEW Eurodrive’s static and dynamic tests. This enable customers to lower production costs by increasing uptime; reducing energy consumption; and extending both equipment and oil life.

Reduction of energy consumptions and extension of lubrication intervals
The Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD ES range reduces energy consumption and extends lubrication intervals by lowering frictional torque by 30% and delivering superior surface protection (*). The reduction in friction is achieved through a three-step micro-smoothing effect of plastic deformation at the gears surface. Under a microscope the metal surface of a gear looks irregular, with peaks and landscape with peaks and valleys. Castrol’s technology improves the surface quality by smoothing out the peaks and the valleys, resulting in a very low coefficient of friction. Lower friction can also lead to lower operating temperatures, as less heat is generated indicating there is less wear on the equipment. Optimal performance at high temperatures and high speeds. Today’s industrial equipment and machinery is expected to perform at optimal levels with higher gearbox temperatures, increased speeds, greater loads and smaller oil reservoirs. Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD ES range has been designed for these operating conditions. It meets the latest Flender OEM specifications including approvals for Flender helical, bevel-helical, planetary gearboxes and ‘marine gear units without multi-disk clutches as well as geared motors.