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New website highlights the company’s capacity for innovation

With a modern, user friendly design, intelligent functions and fast response times, the new Eichenberger Gewinde website offers rich content covering multiple aspects of the ball screw manufacturer’s solutions.

Finding the ideal solution is usually a very time-consuming process. To find the right drive technology for a linear motion development, usually the first step is to search on the internet for reliable drive solutions. Boosting the performance of the product under development is key, building on innovation to outperform the competition. The most stringent requirements, such as achieving the most force density in the smallest possible installation space, dynamics in continuous operation, the most precise positioning capability, reliability and, of course, cost-effectiveness, are crucial points to be mastered.

Supporting customers in finding the right drive solution

This is why, in searching for solutions, the help of a company able to understand the requirements and support customers in the search for the right drive solution, while offering the ability for wide-ranging customization and fine-tuning, is crucial. Also crucial is the ability to interact with the supplier whenever needed. At Eichenberger Gewinde AG, customers and their requirements are always the central focus. The Swiss threading specialist has made this its motto. In fact, its partners are so important to it, that it has taken care to make the content of the brand-new website all about success and added value for its readers. In doing so, Eichenberger actively welcomes interested parties to join together in finding solutions.