New Vigour in the Italian Branch

It’s not a new company, but a renewed company. As of September 2018, Giuliano Collodel is the new CEO of Turck Banner Italia, in charge of reorganizing the sales force, restructuring marketing and investing in people and skills. These were the key points in the press conference held in Milan on 27th February.

by Fabrizio Dalle Nogare

“Turck Banner Italia was at a crossroads: staying afloat or striving for growth. Its international board weighed up the opportunity for investment in resources and development, well aware of the talent and professional approach that characterizes its Italian arm. A set up which can create great collaboration both in terms of consultancy and partnerships”. With these few words, Giuliano Collodel, 45 years old, with an 18 year career in industrial automation with Cognex, where he was Regional Sales Manager, summed up the “tremors” that have shaken the company over recent months.
Turck Banner Italia, founded in 1996, is a joint venture between the German Hans Turck and the US Banner Engineering: two strongly rooted and complementary companies enjoying a wide ranging product portfolio with potential that is yet to be fully exploited, at least as far as the Italian market is concerned. The new CEO, with clear ideas on top of a firm footing, already has the pathway of the company’s near future mapped out. Goals have been set, the first being to double revenues by 2021. This will be brought about using three central pillars: greater visibility, being more client focused and investment.

Communication of knowledge and value
“Strengthening and reorganizing the sales force will be a fundamental step for the company which has, until now, relied on agencies and distributors”, said Collodel. “Having an internal sales force means being able to count on professionals that give a company its added value, who, on top of knowing the products inside out, are also responsible for product development and are therefore, able to advise the client in the best possible way towards the most suitable solution. We intend to expand the workforce from the current 22 members to 35 over this three-year period. I am convinced that the young and motivated staff I met on my first day will be able to mesh with the new arrivals to create a dynamic and renewed industrial force”.
Backing up the Italian branch is the guarantee of access to resources and R&D investment that this kind of multi-national can offer. This is easily translated into competitive advantage both in terms of single product as well as their application. Not only is Turck Banner one of the founders of the IO-Link consortium, it also features the IO-Link-Master in its catalogue, a system that smoothens communication between management levels and sensors/activators, being a gateway between Ethernet and IO-Link. This leads to the integrated diagnosis and parameter set up from system control all the way up to sensor level – “Many of our products offer specific solutions. We need to be able to offer personalized, intelligent solutions rather than simple products” Collodel added.

New automation products for launch in 2019
The starting point cannot be other than the rich portfolio of end user and OEM automation products: sensors, connectors, bus and RFID systems, photo-cells, visual and wireless safety systems, with application in all industrial fields.
Among the news for 2019 is the universal IoT wireless gateway for wireless cloud connection in series TCG20: devices which enable machinery, plant and remote measurement points to interface on line and can manage as well as CANopen, the Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols both as master and slave, OPC UA as client and server on top of Codesys network variables.
The triangular measurement laser, Q5X is a powerful sensor delivered ready to meet the highest industrial standards. It can be used from as little as 9.5 cm up to 2 m.
The new Turck Banner sensor guarantees significant advantages in terms of reliability of precision and measurement of objects, whether they be dark, light, reflective or in multi-colored packaging, against any background from the darkest to the shiniest, highly reflecting surface.