New Italian sales company for the micro drive specialist

January 1, 2019, is the official opening date of the FAULHABER Italia S.r.l sales company in Lomazzo, north of Milan.
The new company will directly take over sales and service of FAULHABER products in Italy from its long-time distributor, Servotecnica S.p.A.
“Italy is a significant market for us, one in which we would like to be present throughout,” explains Marcus Remmel, General Sales Manager at FAULHABER Drive Systems and Managing Director of FAULHABER Italia S.r.l. “There are many very interesting companies in the country, for example in the area of hand tools or medical and automation technology, some of which are already our customers.
And we’d like to win over the others”. With the new subsidiary, customers will be able to profit even more than before from the know-how and services offered by FAULHABER. “For example, direct contact can offer great advantages, particularly when selecting the optimum drive for a specific use or for the customer-specific development of applications.”