La linea di raccordi per tubi INFINITY di Aignep, dedicata a installazioni per aria compressa, gas inerti e vuoto.

New Fitting Diameter to Meet Market Requirements

Aignep’s INFINITY range of pipelines has been expanded with the introduction of the new 168 mm diameter, so that it can better meet market requirements in terms of pipes and systems. The whole range meets different safety and quality standards, also from an environmental point of view.

Aignep has launched the new 168 mm diameter for pipelines of the INFINITY line, dedicated to installations for compressed air, inert gases, and vacuum. An extension of the range that fits into the market by meeting the different needs of the sector in terms of pipe size, with high performance and above all high-quality products. INFINITY is composed of a series of lacquered aluminium pipes, quick-connect metal fittings that guarantee strength and performance and availability of different diameters: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 110 and 168 mm. The range has been engineering and producing in Italy since 2000, in order to respond to the growing demands of the sector market for modern and different technological systems.
The line’s areas of application and distribution are all related to industrial activity, in different sectors: food industry, automotive, mechanic/body shops, energy, mining, railway, transport and aerospace, mechanical engineering industry, chemical industry, plastics processing industry, textile processing and production industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical industry, tobacco processing industry, shipbuilding.

Low environmental impact and no corrosion or rust

The whole line has been tested to comply with ISO 8573 class 1.1.1 air quality standards. The installations produced with the INFINITY system have low environmental impact, compared to galvanized steel or plastic pipes, and obtain about 30% more flow. The INFINITY system is excellent for the protection of pneumatic equipment and does not contaminate the fluid with rust or other solid particles, oils, gases, and so on. In addition, they are completely silicon-free, an important requirement for applications such as painting. INFINITY also complies with many standards such as ASME B31.3 e ASME B31.1. The ASME regulations indicate the minimal requirements for the design, materials, manufacturing, testing and inspection of piping systems in industrial plants. Finally, it meets the legal requirements for pressure pipes in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
A further advantage of INFINITY, which makes it suitable for all types of projects, even the most delicate and demanding ones, is that the possible condensation that can be created never reaches the withdrawal point, thanks to the down conductors, that represent one of the many patents by Aignep. An important point that results is the lack of corrosion and rust on connected equipment and instruments, making INFINITY the ideal alternative to the old galvanized steel systems. Finally, the company offers support and assistance on the various services as well as training to installers and their teams for the assembly activity.