“Motion-Centric” Approach for Demanding Applications

2G Motion System from Kollmorgen is a solution that leverages the performance capabilities of the AKD2G series servo drive and the AKM2G series servo motor to achieve high control and power density. The AKM2G servo motor provides smaller footprint, high dynamic performance, fast development and cost savings.

by Aldo Biasotto

Kollmorgen launched the 2G Motion System, a servo solution based on the latest thinking about single-source, systems-based design. The 2G Motion System was designed specifically to harness the performance capabilities of Kollmorgen’s AKD2G servo drive and AKM2G servo motor. Motor and drive are precisely matched in every element (e.g. drive switching frequency, commutation algorithms, motor magnetics), avoiding micro-incompatibilities that can occur when engineers select components from various manufacturers. The result is a system that delivers high performance, efficiency, and effectiveness in even the most demanding applications, including: industrial printing, laser cutting, packaging, robotics, inspection and measurement, machine tools, winding machines, and food processing.
Kollmorgen’s next-generation 2G Motion System is an example of a motion-centric approach that offers several advantages to meet the needs of the most demanding motion applications.

Reduced development time and machine cost savings

For new machine designs, the AKM2G allows designers to decrease the size, complexity, and footprint of the machine, while still getting the power and performance their application needs. The AKM2G can also be dropped into existing machines to increase performance, compared to competing motors, without increasing the size of the motor. The AKD2G includes SafeMotion options, expandable I/O, and
dual-axis models, all without increasing drive size. The AKM2G can reduce indexing and move and settle times by delivering increased torque and power in the same size or smaller package, ensuring increased dynamic performances. Development and commissioning are faster. In fact, the 2G Motion System optimizes performance in every system configuration, saving machine engineers the time and effort of evaluating various vendors and component combinations. Savings are also on machine costs. Single-cable design, dual-axis drives, and co-engineered options reduce material and machine assembly costs. Improved motor and drive efficiencies reduce energy consumption, lowering operational costs.
Special features include: Kollmorgen Servo on a ChipTM, SafeMotion monitor, WorkBench GUI, extended I/O variant, extensive feedback options, single- and dual-cable options, shaft, mounting, and connector options and holding brake option.