Modular offer for circular economy

The current economic situation has slowed down the industry’s investments and the storage of products in the warehouses. The industry is operating in just-in-time mode with obsolete plants that could jeopardize delivery times and generate unexpected costs compared to the budget.
E-Repair is a Tuscan company that has been repairing and regenerating industrial electronic boards for over 12 years, both in production and out of production (obsolete products), as Unique Siemens Service approved partner for Italy.
INDUSTRY ADVICE 4.0 is a modular offer of services and consultancy, with a view to circular economy, which includes: the census of installed products and analysis of the wear and tear of the electronic components of the plant; the analysis of availability/reparability of obsolete components; the application of sensors for the detection of performance, preventive and predictive maintenance planning; remote and on-site technical intervention and a customized warehouse with strategic plant products (CNC, PLC, Servo drives, operator panels, power supplies) in agreement with the budget of the industry and in compliance with the planning of the company production.
INDUSTRY ADVICE 4.0 makes it possible to reduce machine downtime and manage maintenance costs of industrial electronic boards.