Modular Directional Valves for Customized Power Packs

Specialized in the field of mini power packs, valves and hydraulic systems, Davoli is a rapidly growing concern. Its partnership with Duplomatic MS is longstanding and led to the integration of valves in its hydraulic power packs. We are here dealing specifically with the integration of BDL1 valves, modular and compact, which allow to provide the power pack manufacturer with a specific micro-hydraulics product.

by Silvia Crespi

Davoli is a hydraulics company based in Reggio specialized in the construction of mini and micro power packs, electric pumps, valves and hydraulic systems. It has been on the market for over 17 years, acquiring a solid background, and it can guarantee the functionality and efficiency of its products by means of a careful and accurate choice of high quality materials, as well as customization of its product for the final client/manufacturer. A lean company structure allows it to offer its clients convenient prices and short delivery times with respect to main competitors.
Davoli supports the client in its choice of the plant and its components, right up to their integration in the plant. Its partnership with Duplomatic dates back to 2002, when the company acted as its agent for the Emilia Romagna region.

A new generation of modular hydraulic power packs
The MICRO series of modular hydraulic power packs, specifically, were designed along the lines of the COMPACT series. They have the same design philosophy and properties of flexibility and scalability of that series, which are very much appreciated in the larger range. Concerned materials: a central MICRO body in die cast aluminium was created, lighter and smaller with respect to the COMPACT series power packs. This design property allows the integration of a greater number of valves with respect to the Universal number of the COMPACT series.
Besides, the MICRO range has the best part of components in common with the other ranges of power packs and electric pumps. As a result, there are less articles to manage in the warehouse and as a consequence warehousing costs are reduced. (Readers are invited to check out the boxed text for the technical details).
Let us have a look at the main components and performances of these power packs: high performance gear pumps with regulation plates, helical pumps, electric motors and solenoid valve coils are all designed and optimized for applications typical of mini power packs, optimizing efficiency and increasing power density, reducing heat production and energy absorption.
Power packs are 100% individually tested before delivery so as to guarantee their tightness and problem-free operation. Functional components are made out of steel, treated to improve reliability and
life span. Hoists, metal saws, aerial platforms, compactors, machine tools, floodlight towers, presses, outriggers… these are just a few of the fields where they are used.

Modular directional valves, dedicated to versatility
The MICRO series of Davoli power packs branded “DAHYTEC” integrate the BDL1 modular directional solenoid valves by Duplomatic MS. BDL1 is an assembly of modular solenoid valves, very versatile thanks to its scalable design. The modular elements have been designed to work in parallel, up to a maximum of 8 directional elements. The directional valves are 28 mm thick and 1/8” gas threaded connections. These solenoid valves are suitable for compact applications, especially in the mobile segment and for micro power packs, but with adequate interface plates they may also be used on the COMPACT series. Their strengths may be summarized as follows: extreme versatility thanks to their scalable design; possibility of assembling up to 8 elements in parallel connection; compact design and weight reduction; acceptance of important levels of backpressure on the discharge channels and, finally, high levels of use, with acceptable pressure drops.
The integration of these valves, used successfully even in other segments such as solar panel tracking systems, the nautical industry and wind farms, provides Davoli with the opportunity offering a customized product to the final manufacturer.