La piattaforma di sviluppo MOVI-C® di SEW-EURODRIVE.

Mechatronics for Highly Dynamic Applications

SEW-EURODRIVE combines intelligent software with reliable mechatronics to provide customers with complete solutions: PxG planetary gear units are used in combination with modular mechatronic kinematics systems, providing an optimal solution for the food & beverage sector and beyond.

Maximum efficiency over time combined with high levels of flexibility and precision is the key to successful production. With this in mind, SEW-EURODRIVE has succeeded in combining intelligent software with reliable mechatronics to provide complete solutions that meet the automation requirements of its customers: The new PxG range is also used in conjunction with kinematic packages for tripods and delta robots. These products can be easily engineered with MOVISUITE®, the human-centered design engineering software of the MOVI-C® development platform: a modular, scalable and flexible system that combines digitized electromechanics with intuitive software for quick configuration. Precision planetary gear units ensure flexibility, precision and safety SEW-EURODRIVE’s range of precision planetary gear units is the ideal choice for machine and system manufacturers with special requirements in terms of installation space, utilization and product configuration who need solutions that ensure high precision. Thanks to their flexibility, PxGs can be dimensioned in every part of the machine according to the work cycle and the specific application. Whether it is dynamics, high speed or limited space, the new series is divided into three classes, P5.G, P6.G and P7.G and for each of them 5 sizes are available with reduction ratios from 3 to 1000, to cover a torque range from 41 Nm to 715 Nm. The coupling to the machine is also flexible thanks to the machining of the slow shaft: smooth, splined or front fixing shaft. The new modular system of precision planetary servo gear units PxG also guarantees precision of movement: the rotation backlash of up to 3 angular minutes in the standard version, but also available below one angular minute, allows high precision to be achieved thanks to the small tolerances. Finally, PxG gearboxes have a high corrosion resistance, which makes them particularly suitable for the food & beverage sector: the housing is completely coated, centring surfaces and flanges ensure a long service life even in environments with corrosive substances.

Ideally suited for applications requiring compactness, dynamics and precision

These characteristics make PxG servodrives particularly suitable for applications in the food & beverage sector, where compactness, resistance to corrosive agents and high speeds are required, or in the intralogistics sector, for example for conveyor belts or automatic warehouses, as they can optimize space; they are also suitable for Pick and Place applications in the Robotics & Material Handling sector, because they guarantee high dynamics and precision, and in the textile sector specifically for winders and unwinders, as well as in the rubber and plastics industries.

Tripods and delta robots kinematic package: a tailor-made, modular mechatronic system

The new MAXOLUTION® Machine Automation kinematic packages for tripods and delta robots, designed by SEW-EURODRIVE as a mechatronic kinematic subsystem, are the perfect example of a complete automation system that provides flexibility, speed and efficiency to machine and plant manufacturers and end users who need a turnkey, customizable, high-precision solution that can be easily implemented and integrated with third parties.
Simple to implement in production processes, depending on the level of automation required, the new kinematic packages for tripods and delta robots are a flexible solution, available in three different customizable packages, which can also be used individually. The controller package includes a controller, such as MOVI-C® controller UHX85A-R, a power supply module, a visualization and software module with MOVIRUN® software platform and the parameterizable MOVIKIT® Robotics software module for faster and easier startup; the robot axis package includes axis modules (such as MOVIDRIVE® modular or system) and servomotors (such as synchronous motors of the CMP series). Finally, the mechanical robot package consists of the mechanical components for the robot kinematics, such as the PxG precision planetary gear units. In addition, the kinematic packages for tripods and delta robots are not only fast to assemble and easy to program, but also highly accurate (accuracy <0.01 m). Finally, the hygienic design, already available in the basic version or with a special stainless steel housing, also makes them safe.
These features make the kinematic kits for tripods and delta robots particularly suitable in the food sector when it is necessary to move products from both light and relatively heavy loads in a precise and fast way: think for example of working areas where raw products must be selected or packaged.
They are also indicated in end-of-line applications of the packaging sector, where products with a high load (payload <=35 kg) need to be moved, and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, to fill secondary packaging or to carry out order picking (for example for products such as lipsticks, eyeliner and so on). l