Maximum Protection in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

TWINOX4, SICK’s safety curtain, protects operators and meets all requirements for working in sterile environments. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry worldwide, it features a 1,440/316L stainless steel housing that makes it resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, substances and disinfectants.

by Andrea Baty

We cannot talk about the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries without talking about sterile environments and aggressive chemical substances, two peculiarities that require the utmost attention from operators and the adoption of automation devices with particular precautions.
Such as, for example, a sensor system with a suitably sealed stainless steel housing, resistant to chemical agents and washing cycles and with a linear design for maximum hygiene. These are the advantages of TWINOX4, the new safety barriers designed by SICK.

A highly resistant, rugged barrier against aggressive substances
Specifically designed for the pharma and cosmetics world, the TWINOX4 series features a 1.440/316L stainless steel housing that makes the barriers resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, substances and disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide. The degrees of protection satisfied are IP65 and IP67, which ensure protection against dust, water jets and cycles of immersion in liquids. The absence of holes and slots in the housing, combined with the presence of a glass front panel, also represents a double advantage: easy cleaning of the sensor and no risk of dirt accumulation during the production cycle, for a processing of drugs and cosmetics without any contamination.
Besides its resistance and hygiene properties, TWINOX has many other qualities. Developed in three versions with a protective field height of 300, 420 or 600mm, this barrier has a working range of up to 4.5m and a resolution of 14mm, and can be used in environments with temperatures between -20 and +55°C.
The transmitter and receiver are housed in the same housing for maximum convenience. Moreover, its operation does not require any programming, while the installation is made even easier thanks to the compact dimensions, the fixing bracket (always in stainless steel) supplied and the possibility of orienting the barrier both horizontally and vertically.

Safe machine operation, fast on-site diagnostics
The main function of TWINOX4 is to protect operators. Equipped with coloured LEDs along the entire height of the protective field, TWINOX4 dialogues instantly and immediately with the user: the green light indicates that the barrier is active and, therefore, if the alarm area is exceeded, the sensor interrupts the activities of the machine to which it is connected.
The LEDs also help the operator during installation, as there are 5 blue LEDs to instantly verify the quality of the alignment of the light curtain. Other LEDs indicate any malfunctioning or anomaly of the light curtain itself, for easy diagnostics.