Master for managers of “4.0” companies

Relying on the know-how and collaborations established with a network of strategic partners, Federazione ANIE presented the contents and objectives of the Master named “ANIE for Industry 4.0”: a unique training course on tools and opportunities for innovative companies.
All the training and information actions towards the market put in place by ANIE, since the introduction of the Italian Industry Plan 4.0, and in continuous cooperation with Confindustria, CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) and IMQ, the Italian Certification Body for products, quality systems and plants give shape to a new project: a cycle of training seminars to deepen the main technological solutions as well as the tax, regulation and business aspects that companies have to manage in order to adapt to the fourth industrial evolution and remain competitive on a national as well as international scale. The study path is divided into four modules, for a total of eight training events, which take place between 20 March and 20 June, 2019, grouped under the labels of “Finance 4.0”, “Skills 4.0”, “Industry 4.0 Standardization” and “Technologies 4.0”.